About Us

We are the home to history, to timeless designs and impeccable craftsmanship; works that are displayed in museums around the world including the Smithsonian Institute.

As the first Master of Art Jewelry, Rebajes' work was inspired by Art, both modern and of the antiquities. From Broadway to Ancient Egypt, from Brazil to the far reaches of Africa, Rebajes' designs, ideas and innovation were inspired by worlds near and worlds far far away. Though the Rebajes' name is synonymous with Copper Art, Francisco Rebajes worked in many mediums including silver and gold. His modernist designs became world famous for their innovation and creativity...

When you own Rebajes, you own a piece of Wearable Art.

Rebajes Jewelry is made in the USA using the finest sterling silver. We are driven to provide the best, and are making authentic Rebajes Wearable Art in the same way, using the same tools that Frank Rebajes and Otto R Bade used since the 1930's. Otto R. Bade purchased the Rebajes business from Frank in 1960; still is involved making the pieces now well into his nineties. We are the proud and only designers and makers of Rebajes, and Otto R. Bade (ORB) jewelry lines. We are the only seller of brand new pieces from Rebajes and ORB. The pieces.

Curated by Brian Hoffner, the Rebajes Museum is home to the largest collection of Rebajes original wearable art pieces in the world.

Frank and Otto were life-long friends until Frank's death in 1990. Otto says that he can feel his old friend smiling down on him as he continues Frank's dream to provide wearable art to the masses. We do our best to make customers happy and we hope that you will adorn yourself with the wearable art of Francisco Rebajes and Otto R. Bade and enjoy making the world a more beautiful place.